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Fall in Alabama Most people rave about the fall colors up North, and while we agree that the North is beautiful this time of year, so is the South! We may be biased, but our home state of Alabama offers stunning fall views, and the absolute best way to enjoy those views is by going on weekend camping trips! One spot that we highly recommend visiting this season is DeSoto State Park   One of DeSoto State Park's Trails, Alapark About DeSoto State Park Encompassing 3,502-acres, DeSoto State Park is nestled atop beautiful Lookout Mountain in scenic Northeast Alabama. This area is...

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Choosing Your Campsite Camping is one of those activities where you either really love it or absolutely hate it, there isn’t really an in between. Over the years, we have noticed that those who hate camping have typically had a bad experience while camping. With more digging, we find that almost every bad experience is related to the chosen campsite. So, while it might seem simple, we are going to share our best tips on how to choose the perfect campsite! The 5 W’s There are a few variations of the “W’s” when choosing a campsite, but these are our favorite: 1....

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