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Winter Camping Camping is most commonly thought of as a spring and summer activity, however, camping in winter is an incredible experience! It is a great way to savor those tranquil moments and settings only winter can provide, such as untouched snow-covered landscapes, early nights and early mornings, and of course a warm, cozy fire. Winter camping does require a little more planning and smart packing, though. To help you fully enjoy your next winter camping trip, follow these tips!   1. Pack Appropriate Clothing Bring enough warm clothing to last you the length of your trip. Do not wear...

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Corporate Vision - CV Magazine Corporate Vision Magazine was created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders. With worldwide circulation of 130,000, CV Magazine provides discerning readers with a wealth of news, features and comments on the corporate issues of the day.  As their website states, Corporate Vision is an invaluable resource for leaders and decision makers looking, not only to be informed, but to improve the way they manage their operations, staff, technology, business partnerships, and supply chains with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business. 2019 Small Business Awards Corporate Vision believes that small...

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We absolutely love when an interaction with a customer leads to a wonderful story that reminds us why we love our job. We just had one of these interactions and we are excited to share the story with you!  The Perfect Gift Back in early December 2018, a customer reached out to us worried that her purchase would not make it in time for Christmas. Her 14-year old son really wanted a GO-KOT and, having a teenager as well, we understand the pressure. We assured her it would arrive in time, and it did. After receiving the GO-KOT, the customer...

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