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What Is The Alliance for American Manufacturing? The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) was founded in 2007 by leading domestic manufacturers and the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union. They have one simple mission: strengthen American manufacturing through smart public policies! They are dedicated to highlighting the importance of supporting "American Made" products and why we should "Keep it Made in America!" This organization also conducts research to reveal how American's feel about products made in America. Some highlights from their research includes: 95% of Americans have a favorable view of U.S. made products.  80% of American voters support Buy America policies...

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American Made Next time you are out shopping or browsing an online store, take a look at the tag or products details. You will notice that most say “Made in China” or maybe Taiwan, Mexico or even India. Though it is still rare, you might notice more and more products are saying “Made in America” again.   It does take a little more effort, but searching for that "Made in America" label has so many benefits! Listed below are just a few outlined by the Made in America Movement: Buying products made in the USA allows you to support not only American manufacturers...

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