Tips for Camping with Back Pain

Tips for Camping with Back Pain

Camping with a Bad Back

Back pain shouldn’t be keeping you from going camping and enjoying nature! Especially right now, when camping and other outdoor adventures are some of the only activities that allow you to socially distance your family from others. Listed below are three of the best ways to reduce back pain while camping as outlined by The Joint Chiropractic:

1. Sleep on a Softer Surface

Sleeping on a hard, uneven surface will definitely agitate your back and intensify any back pain you might already have. So, consider bringing a memory foam mat, an air mattress or a camping cot to sleep on. The GO-KOT is an extremely comfortable option that can be set up in 60 seconds or less. Visit our page to read some of the reviews! Many of our customers across all age groups have talked about how sleeping on the GO-KOT feels like sleeping on a trampoline. It also helps cushion your back and joints regardless of the sleeping position you prefer!


2. Stretch Before Your Activities 

Walking, hiking, kayaking and other fun activities you often do on a camping trip are a great form of exercise, but they also get your body and muscles moving in different ways than everyday life. This can cause your back pain to act up if you don’t warm up and stretch before engaging in strenuous activities. 


3. Invest in Supportive Footwear

We know it’s tempting to choose flip flops or sandals during the warmer months, but they typically offer very little support. Instead, invest in a sturdy and supportive pair of hiking shoes or sneakers. Your back, knees, and just about everything else will thank you!


Additional Tips

Listed below are additional tips and tricks to make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable!


  • Pack light: Regardless of whether you are car camping at a campground or hiking into the wilderness, it’s a good idea to back only the essentials. This means you are carrying less, setting up less, and will have less stuff to lift or move around. Believe it or not, packing light also allows you to enjoy the great outdoors more.
  • Take breaks: Take breaks often, and this doesn’t just mean take a break from strenuous activities. You should also avoid sitting for too long in a camping chair. Every hour, aim to take a break from sitting. Try standing up, stretching, and/or walking around the campsite for a few minutes. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water has so many benefits! It helps prevent fatigue, keeps your muscles relaxed and helps your blood circulation regulated. It even helps improve the quality of sleep you get at night, all of which helps prevent or ease back pain.
  • Pain Management: If you have severe back pain, consider bringing Icy Hot patches or creams, an acupressure mat, or a portable TENS unit!

For more information, visit The Joint Chiropractic or River Basin Recreation!

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