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Camping and Hiking With Dogs Camping and hiking are some of the best ways to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. These activities are even more fun, though, when you bring your furry friend along for the adventure! To make sure your dog stays happy and safe while camping or hiking, follow these tips from The American Animal Hospital Association, The American Kennel Club, and PetMD! Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable With the Gear Set up your tent and lay out all your gear in the house or in your backyard and let your dog check everything out. Give lots...

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The Benefits of Cots The most important benefit of sleeping cots is that they get you off the ground. Being elevated keeps you off the cold, hard ground during the winter months and it allows air to circulate around the cot bed to keep you cool in the summer. It is also ideal to be sleeping off the ground during the rainy season. Another benefit of sleeping off the ground is that terrain isn't as big of an issue. As long as you can find a relatively flat surface, you can set up your portable cot. You won't have to worry...

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40 Years of Quality  Since 1978, the GO-KOT® has been handmade right here in the USA. We source the best American raw materials available, to include: 1000-denier water-repellent nylon fabric cover & bag, thick aluminum side poles, galvanized spring steel legs, and high-impact hinges. Quality materials combined with quality craftsmanship results in a quality product that is built to last a lifetime! A Good Night's Sleep As US Veterans, we understand the role a good night's sleep plays in one's ability to take on the challenges each day brings. That is why we take pride in being the cot of choice for military and...

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